The Courtyard Square in Historic Downtown Lampasas, Texas
Find the Courtyard Square in Downtown Lampasas Texas,... Enjoy!
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and your interest in all the businesses who have chosen to call Downtown Lampasas Home!
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 The Courtyard Square in Downtown Lampasas, Texas is easy to find, here is a map to the hub of Lampasas,... Downtown! Lampasas, Texas and the Downtown Courtyard Square are located in Central Texas. Easy to get to from any direction.
There is a lot to do at and around the Courtyard Square in Downtown Lampasas, Texas. Here is a map with some of the sites shown,... enjoy! Shopping opportunities are abundant at the Courtyard Square in Downtown Lampasas, Texas. You will find almost anything and everything Downtown. This includes Antiques, Collectibles, Gifts, beautiful Men and Women's Clothes, Footwear and Accessories! Need a Tuxedo, we have that too! Don't miss the Christian books and Home Decor, as well as Vintage Clothes, furniture and books. You will love the Full Service Jewelry Store and don't forget the Art Store featuring Local Artist, Crafters and Collectibles. Remember, Downtown is your Cosmetics source as well! The Courtyard Square has multiple florists for your last minute needs, along with a wide assortment of service businesses including full service insurance, hair salon, full service real estate professionals, the City of Lampasas Administration, financial investing and banking professionals, multiple 24 hour ATM's, full service flooring sales and service, lawyer services and of course the historic Lampasas Dispatch Record newspaper are all available on the Courtyard Square in Downtown Lampasas, Texas. Oh, and did we mention the Lampasas County Keystone Museum is located in the National Registered Historic District as well?
Of course you will be hungry and thirsty after partaking of all the available shopping. You will find excellent selections featuring German food, good Texas home cooking and Tex-Mex. Good food and drink with all the trimmings! 
On the above map notice that within an easy walking block of the Courtyard Square in Downtown Lampasas you will find Campbell Park and Cooper Springs Nature Park. These two City Parks are home to a very large outdoor art exhibit, a modern swimming pool, the actual historic Hanna Springs and a Nature Trail. This is a large assortment of high quality entertainment concentrated right beside Downtown Lampasas, … Enjoy!
Just one mile from the Courtyard Square in Downtown Lampasas you will find the Lampasas Municipal Golf Course with beautiful huge trees and Sulphur Creek traversing through it all. At the same location beside Sulphur Creek are Hancock Springs and remains of the Historic Hancock Springs Bathhouse. According to the USGS over 57 gallons per second flow from Hancock Springs at the Bathhouse, an impressive amount by anyone's standard! At the same location you will find the Historic Hostess House and the Spring Fed Free Flow Hancock Swimming Pool. Yes, in season, you can go swimming in spring fed pool! And be sure and take the sidewalk down Sulphur Creek into Brooks Park which is at this same location. Be sure and take the pedestrian bridge over Sulphur Creek then walk over the dam at the east end of Brook Park and most of all, … . Enjoy!