The Courtyard Square in Historic Downtown Lampasas, Texas
Welcome to the Lampasas Downtown Garage Sale,... Enjoy!
Garage Sale Booth Application Forms for the Fall and Spring Garage Sales
Saturday April 25, 2020, 8 AM to 3 PM, the Springtime Garage Sale on the Courtyard Square!
(Last Saturday in April every year)

Saturday, November 7, 2020, 8 AM to 3 PM, the Fall Garage Sale on the Courtyard Square!
(First Saturday in November every year)

Last day to sign up November 5,2020.

To secure your garage sale booth, complete a simple form, pay a small fee and return both to the Courtyard Square Association.
Handwriting: Complete your form by hand printing your form, you may choose to .....
  1. Obtain a form in person, see And Berry at the Peddler's Alley Shoe Store (address below) 
  2. Click the below "Click Here" link, download a form, print it to paper, hand print your responses and return it using one of the  below three methods. 
Typing: Complete your form by typing your responses....    
  Click the below "Click Here" link, download a form to your device, click into the various "fields", type your responses, save the form, return the saved form using one of the  below three methods (USPS mail, hand delivered or via an attachment to a e-mail message). 
  Choose Your Garage Sale!
  Spring Garage Sale Date: Click Here Fall Garage Sale Date: Click Here
  (The above Forms will open in a new Window or Tab as Adobe Reader Documents)
USPS Postal Mailing Address Hand Delivered Address Return Form by E-Mail
Courtyard Square Association
P.O. Box 652
Lampasas, TX 76550
Andy Berry, Peddler's Alley Shoe Store
411 East 3rd Street
Lampasas, TX 76550
 The form opens in a new window or tab and is a Adobe Reader Document. This form allows one to type directly into each of the form fields, and selecting "Yes" or "No" responses from clickable "arrowhead" selection fields. Save the completed form to your computer, then return the form file by attaching it to a e-mail message, or print the form to paper and return it in person or by USPS postal mail. The printed to paper form can also be scanned, then attached to an e-mail message.

•  Saving the form to your computer: Click the link above, the Adobe Reader form will open in a new window or tab. With the form open, using the icon menus (icon which looks like a computer disk, see illistration below) or "File, Save As" on the Adobe Reader Main Menu, then choose a location on your computer where you can later find the file/form and save it.

PRIINTING the form to paper: BE SURE you have the form open in Adobe Reader, using the menus within Adobe Reader (File, Print..., OK), at the top left click the icon which looks like a printer (see illistration below), then click “ Print ” and click “ OK ” . The form will print to your printer. You must use the menu's in Adobe Reader to print. It will not print correctly, if for instance, you open it within an e-mail message using "View" or some other method other than Adobe Reader.

Returning the form completed by typing your responses by e-mail: Save the form to your computer. Open the form you saved on your computer. Complete the form and save it. Attach the completed form to a E-mail and send it to the e-mail address shown above.

 This form can be printed to paper, completed and returned using any of the methods noted above.
Save form to your computer, icon similar to: An Adobe Reader Floppy Disk menu iconor on the Adobe Reader Main Menu: File, Save As 
Print the document (form) icon, similar to: An Adobe Reader Printer menu iconor on the Adobe Reader Main Menu: File, Print... 
Thank you for your interest in the great Downtown Lampasas City Wide Garade Sale.
We hope you have a fun and profitable experience!